Skåne employers anticipate greatest growth

Employers in southern Sweden are the most optimistic about taking on more staff in the next quarter, according to a study by the recruitment company Manpower.

In the agency’s quarterly index, 18% of employers questioned said that they expected their workforce to increase while 7% said they were anticipating cutbacks. 74% said they did not expect any change.

Manpower described this as an “average employment index” of 11% – the difference between the percentage of employers who expect to increase their labour force and the percentage who expect to reduce it. That’s up from 9% last quarter but down from 16% from the same quarter last year.

The greatest signs of optimism were in Skåne, where 22% more employers expected an increase in staff than a decrease. In contrast, employers in Stockholm and Uppsala said they were more pessimistic than at any time since the beginnning of 2004. Only 5% more employers expected an increase rather than a cut in labour.

In terms of industries, the most bouyant as far as Manpower is concerned are the hotel and catering industry and the mining industry, both of which enjoyed an index of 19%.

The transport and communication industry was the most cautious, with an index figure of just 5%.

Manpower interviewed 754 Swedish companies for this quarter’s survey.