Police ?ignore gay net prostitution?

Men selling sex on the internet is becoming more and more common, yet according to an investigation by Swedish Radio, police are unaware of the issue.

The report, by SR’s programme Front, said that a quick browse through gay sites turned up 38 adverts in which men were selling sex. Many of these adverts were found on Sweden’s most popular gay site, QX.

QX says it receives two or three complaints every day about people selling sex on the site. Those found to be selling or buying sex over QX have their membership cancelled.

Anders Gripenlöf, head of Stockholm Police’s prostitution unit, told SR that he “hardly ever comes into contact” with male prostitutes, as there are so few of them.

He added that he had never heard of QX, nor had he visited the RFSL site on which Supreme Court judge Leif Thorsson bought sex from a male prostitute. Thorsson was later punished with a fine and moved from his job.

Gripenlöf said that most of his unit’s time is spent on street prostitution in areas such as Malmskillnadsgatan in Stockholm and Rosenulndsgatan in Gothenburg, and against trafficking of sex slaves.

“We concentrate on the major area, and the area that is easiest to access, and that means street prostitution,” he said.