Missing tsunami boy’s body found

The body of twelve-year old Kristian Walker, who was rumoured to have been kidnapped in the aftermath of the Asian tsunami, has been found in Thailand.

A number of witnesses reported directly after the Boxing Day catastrophe that they had seen Kristian in the company of a man, leading to speculation that he might have been kidnapped.

But now a child’s body that had been kept with the bodies of other tsunami victims in cold storage in Thailand has been identified as that of Kristian.

Kristian had been on holiday in Thailand with his mother Madelaine, her boyfriend, his fourteen-year old brother David and sister Anna, aged seven. Kristian’s mother and her boyfriend both died in the tsunami.

Kristian’s father, Dan Walker, told Expressen that “logically, it feels good” that Kristian’s body has been found. But, he added, “emotionally it is a catastrophe.”