Confusion over “kidnapped” girl

Police in the Swedish town of Västerås are investigating reports that a girl has been kidnapped, after a ten-year old girl reported on Tuesday seeing a man leading a four-year old away from a playground.

The ten-year old filmed the events on her mobile phone, but now police say that they believe that no abduction took place, and that the whole incident was a big misunderstanding.

Police searched the area after receiving reports of the abduction, and later on Tuesday questioned a 51-year old man in relation to the incident. The man was later released as there was insufficient evidence to keep him in custody.

Detectives in Västerås added that there had been no reports of any young girls missing in the area. Ulf Palm, spokesman for Västerås police, told news agency TT that it could simply have been a father taking his daughter home.

“It seems more and more likely that no girl has disappeared,” Palm told Svenska Dagbladet later. The pictures on the mobile phone were of poor quality, he added, and therefore of limited use in evaluating what had happened.