Reporter in child porn admission

A reporter on Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet has been arrested for downloading child pornography. The journalist was arrested at his desk on Wednesday.

The 35-year old reporter, who has not been named, immediately admitted to having child porn on his computer. His lawyer, Johan Åkermark, said that his client was relieved that he had been found out.

“This is something that he has had in him for a long time,” Expressen reported him as saying.

“The reason for this is that he himself was abused by a family friend when he was young. Now he can get treatment for his illness.”

According to Aftonbladet, the reporter is suspected of downloading the images over a long period of time. Suspicions over his activity were first aroused in January through the paper’s own security systems. He was reported to the police by Anders Gerdin, Aftonbladet’s editor.

The man has now been sacked by the paper.

“Whether or not the man is prosecuted and convicted, his actions are a serious breach of Aftonbladet’s internal policies ad of journalistic ethics,” says Gerdin.

The man broke down in front of his colleagues when police arrested him at Aftonbladet’s offices at Globen, Stockholm, on Wednesday. Police had taken a psychologist with them to help keep the man calm. After questioning yesterday the man was released on bail.

Aftonbladet’s spokesman Olof Brundin told Expressen that the atmosphere at the paper was one of “shock and depression.”