Bengtsson box shown to court

The trial of the three men being accused of kidnapping Fabian Bengtsson, chief executive of Siba, has started. On the second day, the court was shown the box where Bengtsson sat during his 17 days of captivity.

The box was taken by the police to the courthouse and is being kept in the building’s garage where, according to Svenska Dagbladet, journalists and spectators also got a chance to look at it.

The box is 2 metres long, 1 metre wide and 1 metre high, and a mattress was placed inside it. It was built by the kidnappers and made sound-proof. Bengtsson could sit or lie down while inside the box and came out only to go to the toilet, reported Göteborgs Posten.

Other evidence was presented in court on Wednesday. Letters and phone calls made by Bengtsson to his family appeared to move those in the courtroom, especially Bengtsson himself. In one phone message, he says that he misses his family and is trying to keep a high spirit.

The men standing trial over Bengtsson’s disappearence include a 43-year old man, who was arrested in an apartment in Gårda, Gothenburg, where Bengtsson was held captive. He has confessed to the crime. A 25-year old, who was arrested in Copenhagen, is also being tried for participating in the kidnapping.

The third suspect is a man who was arrested in Vienna. He is being charged for blackmail. It is still unclear whether the third suspect was cooperating with the 42-year old and 25-year old. The police say he took advantage of the situation and blackmailed Bengtsson’s family.