Swedish equality makes men violent ? ex-minister

Increased sex equality has led to violence against women. That’s according to Sweden’s former equality minister and deputy prime minister Margareta Winberg.

Winberg, now Sweden’s ambassador to Brazil, told Brazilian magazine Veja that Swedish men hit women “to show that they still decide over them, despite the fact that they have lost power outside the home.”

According to Dagens Nyheter, the article in Veja picks apart the Swedish equality myth, “with the willing help of Sweden’s local representative.”

The article goes on to claim that forty percent of women in Sweden have been subjected to violence by men, compared with only eleven percent of Spaniards.

Swedish news agency TT reports that the forty percent figure is lifted from a report by controversial feminist academic Eva Lundgren at Uppsala University. Official figures indicate that three percent of Swedish women are subjected to violence each year.

Winberg told Dagens Nyheter that her comments were “a couple of quotes from a long conversation with Veja”, and claimed that they had been taken out of context.