Victoria’s boyfriend in tax trouble

Daniel Westling, boyfriend of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria, allowed his company to pay for private expenses including a New Year's party. Now the tax authority has caught up with him, and he faces a penalty tax on 90,000 kronor of his income.

Westling, aged 31 and joint owner of a gym in Stockholm, has been found by the Swedish tax authority to have made a false tax declaration, Expressen reports.

When the tax authority investigated the accounts of Master Training, which Westling owns together with Benny Johansson, it found that they included “business expenses” such as 6,480 kronor described as costs for Westling to move flat, and the cost of a New Year party in Eskilstuna.

Other expenses that caught the taxman’s eye were the costs for Benny Johansson to go to Majorca with his partner, which auditors for the tax authority said could not be classed as business expenses.

Daniel Westling told Expressen in an email that it was not unusual for companies to have different opinions to the tax authority over what constitutes deductible expenses.

Now Westling, Johansson and their company face paying a 40 percent penalty tax.