Swedish army officer jailed for wife abuse

One of Sweden’s most senior army officers has been jailed for six months for assaulting his wife – but is likely to keep his job.

Major General Tony Stigsson was convicted on Wednesday by a court in Mariefred on two counts of assault. The court cleared him on all the other charges he was facing, which included rape.

Stigsson was also told to pay 14,000 kronor in damages to his former wife. She had claimed 630,000 kronor.

Stigsson had been arrested in March, after an investigation into allegations by his wife of eight years of repeated abuse.

A panel of judges at Mariefred District Court found that most of his wife’s allegations were unproven. Only 19 pages of the 70-page judgment have been made public, the rest subject to a secrecy order.

Stigsson had admitted in court that on one occasion an argument between him and his wife had resulted in them coming to blows, but denied that he had hit her.

Had Stigsson been convicted on the more serious charges, he would automatically have lost his job, according to testimony given to the trial by state ethics watchdogs.

But Wednesday’s judgment states that it can be assumed that Stigsson should be allowed to keep his job.

Stigsson still faces investigation for crimes against national security. When his homes were searched police found sensitive documents were being “stored unsuitably”.

A decsion on whether to press charges will be made by prosecutors later this year.