Swedish food prices continue to fall

The influx of cut-price supermarket chains in Sweden has led to a fall in overall prices for the fourth year in a row.

According to research carried out by Sweden’s National Pensioners’ Organisation, the cost of groceries has dropped by 2.9% across the country.

But the greatest change has been in Stockholm, traditionally the most expensive place to shop for food in Sweden. Last year the cost of a basket of 60 items was 1,622 kronor. This year that fell to 1,498 kronor, a drop of 7.6%.

That makes the nation’s capital the eleventh cheapest region out of the 26 counties compared. The most expensive county this year is Jönköping, where the basket of goods cost 1,544 kronor. Uppsala was next dearest, followed by Östergötland and Jämtland.

Carl-Eric Thörngren, the spokesman at the National Pensioners’ Organisation, told Swedish Radio that the fall is due to increased competition.

“Competition has begun to work and prices have fallen – that is naturally because of the establishment of the cut price stores,” he said.

For the cheapest food in the country shoppers will have to go to Halland, where the average price for the 60 items was 1,450 kronor. Stores in Blekinge, Skaraborg and Gothenburg also proved to be good value.