Salmonella scare as ICA recalls meat products

Swedish supermarket chain ICA has recalled eight tons of salmonella infected pork loin.

In a random test carried out on Tuesday, a range of products were found to contain the bacteria, the company announced in a press statement.

ICA has asked anybody who bought Euroshopper or ICA Danish pork loin with a best-before date of the 15th, 16th or 17th of July to return it, with packaging, to the store where it was purchased. Meat bought before July 8th was said to be unaffected.

The affected meat was supplied to stores across the whole of Sweden.

“Salmonella-infected meat can mean that you become sick, but if you prepare it in the right way the infection won’t remain,” said Johanna Stiernstedt, ICA’s head of fresh products quality control, to news agency TT.

Salmonella bacteria is destroyed when heated to over 70 degrees centigrade so the risk of people getting sick after the meat has been cooked is, said the company, “in principle, non-existent”.