Government considers new TV advertising format

A government-backed inquiry into radio and television laws has proposed a raft of changes to exploit developments in digital technology.

Among the suggestions handed over to Culture Minister Leif Pagrotsky on Monday is the idea that the TV screen should be divided, with ads shown alongside the programmes.

The purpose, said the author of the report, Robert Nordh, would be to prevent cutting into the middle of ongoing televised sports events like the Stockholm Marathon or Formula One.

Another idea is to permit so-called ‘virtual advertising’, whereby traditional advertising boards around the edges of football pitches, for example, are replaced by ads inserted into the TV picture digitally.

While the technology would allow far more targeted advertising, Nordh cautioned that viewers should be informed of its use before and after any programme employing the technique.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Media