Kungsgatan killing suspects released

Three men accused of beating a man to death in central Stockholm in May have been released by the Stockholm City Court ahead of a judgment expected on Monday.

The men, two eighteen-year olds and a nineteen year old, stand accused of killing 29-year old Marcus Gabrielsen on Stockholm’s Kungsgatan on May 5th.

Gabrielsen and a friend are said to have been attacked after asking one of the attackers not to urinate in a doorway on the street. Despite the fact there were many people on Kungsgatan at the time, nobody came to Gabrielsen’s aid and he was left unconcious. He died in hospital a few days later.

The accused men’s families cheered as the court announced that they would be released. The decision to free them indicates that they are unlikely to be convicted.

Prosecutors have been unable to produce forensic evidence linking the accused men to the crime.

A number of witnesses at the trial have given contradictory evidence, and some have retracted in court accounts that they gave to police during questioning, reports Dagens Nyheter.

Asked what he thought of the decision to set the men free, the victim’s father, Oddvar Gabrielsen, responded:

“What do I think? No doubt they’ve taken the right decision.”