Civil servant admits to funding scam

The senior civil servant suspected of swindling government ministers with fake funding applications has admitted to the fraud.

During a three hour police interrogation it emerged that the 44 year old had siphoned off even more than had at first been suspected. By inventing organisations promoting equality in society and faking funding applications, he amassed almost 1.5 million kronor in private accounts.

His position in the Government Offices allowed him to put applications directly before ministers for their authorisation. Jens Orback, Mona Sahlin and Carin Jämtin were among those duped by fabricated organisations.

‘The Network for Feminist Self-Defence’ was, according to Expressen, the largest beneficiary of funds while 100,000 kronor was donated to a project opposing ‘the sexualisation of public places’.

The man was released pending further investigation but Stockholm district court approved the freezing of his accounts. A significant proportion of the money is likely to be recovered.

The 44 year old is now expected to be charged with serious fraud through document forgery.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, Expressen, SR