More Swedes fear terror attack in Sweden

The Swedish public's general fear of terrorism appears to be unaffected by the recent bomb attacks on London, according to an opinion poll carried out by the Swedish Emergency Management Agency (SEMA).

However, an increasing number of Swedes fear that Sweden could be the target of a terrorist attack.

When asked to what extent they feared an attack similar to that in London on Swedish soil, 22% answered that they were either fairly or very worried.

That represents a considerable increase since a similar survey carried out by SEMA after the attack on Madrid. Then, only 16% said they were fairly or very worried.

“The fear of terrorist attacks in Sweden has increased somewhat, but Swedes still believe that the risk of attacks in the country is relatively low,” said Svante Werger, head of information at SEMA, to news agency TT.

Indeed the overall level of concern about terrorism generally appears to have fallen since the Madrid attack last year.

At the time, 37% of Swedes said they were fairly or very afraid of terrorism. That has now dropped back to 25%.

But despite Swedes’ sanguine attitude to the threat to the country, they remain unimpressed by the government’s response since the London bombings.

Over half of those questioned said that they had little confidence in the government’s performance in relation to the London attacks.

The media fared somewhat better in the survey: 71% of those questioned said they had very or fairly high confidence in the media’s manner of reporting events in London.