Intruders choose the wrong victims

Escapees from a psychiatric lockup simply picked the wrong victims on Wednesday night: while apparently casing a target house near Sundsvall, the owner came out and scared them off - by showing his police badge.

A father-son police duo spent a harrowing few hours hiding out in their own home from armed and threatening men. By morning, police had arrested the men, who turn out to be escapees from a psychiatric lockup.

Late Wednesday night, the two policemen noticed a strange car and two men in their 30s sneaking around their property in Indal, a few miles northwest of Sundsvall. When they took out their badges and went to check things out, the intruders ran to their car and threatened the police.

“The policemen believed it was some kind of automatic weapon,” says police inspector Christer Johansson.

No shots were fired before the intruders sped off in a black BMW. The same car was located by helicopter early this morning and the men were taken into custody. The men had escaped last Sunday from a psychiatric facility in Sundsvall.

“It was a normal arrest. They didn’t react any special way, there was no violence,” says Johansson.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Expressen