Stockholm house-hunters turn to British TV show

A Swedish woman and her English husband have found it so tricky to find their dream home in Stockholm that they have sought outside help - from a popular British property-based television show.

“We’d been trying to find a place in Stockholm, and having to go back and forth between the countries meant that it was going to take about a year,” said Pie Patté, who originally comes from the Swedish capital.

“Then Max’s mum saw an ad at the end of this TV programme and suggested we apply.”

The programme is called ‘Relocation Relocation’ and regularly pulls in over 4 million viewers in the property-obsessed UK. Two property experts guide the buyers through the process and the entire search is filmed.

The production company, IWC Media, claims to have found dream homes for hundreds of people over the five year history of the programme.

But finding somewhere for Max and Pia Patté is proving to be something of a challenge. Max is a sculptor and Pia is a stage designer and they have strong views on the kind of place they’re after.

“We’re looking for something different, something with lots of light and space for us to work,” Pia told The Local.

“A converted industrial building perhaps, something inspiring. An old boathouse, workshop or garage – anything we can convert and restore into a living space.”

The couple had considered trying to hire someone in Sweden to help with their search but discovered that such a service does not exist. And to hire an English agent would have been far too expensive.

“The production company has made it clear that we’re not under any extra pressure to take what their experts find us,” said Pia.

“But I really hope they find something.”


Channel 4’s primetime property programme ‘Relocation Relocation’, presented by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer, is coming to film in Stockholm and is looking for someone who knows the city to provide local help and advice – preferably someone savvy with the local property market.

We would like someone to spend a day or two with our producers, familiarising us with the city and helping us source properties. Whoever gets on board would be more than welcome to join us on our filming day! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved in one of the UK’s favourite television shows.

Anyone interested should contact Siobhan Canning at IWC Media ASAP!

Telephone: 00 44 141 353 8439

Email: [email protected]

And if you happen to have a property which might suit Pia and Max, or if you know of a suitable property, this could be the best way of shifting it! Contact Siobhan via the phone number or email address above.

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