Prisoner diagnosed with TB

A prisoner at a Swedish jail has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. Now, all staff and prisoners at Tillberga open prison near Västerås who have had close contact with the infected man are to be tested for the disease.

The man, who is serving a short prison sentence, was taken to hospital on Monday after he started coughing up blood. Prison doctors had noted when the man arrived at the jail on July 26th that he had a nasty cough, but he was allowed to continue on normal medicines, and was placed in a section with seven other prisoners.

It was only on Friday morning when the results of an x-ray came through that he was diagnosed with TB.

Now the man’s cell has been cleaned and fumigated, and staff and inmates who have come into contact with the infected man will be tested for the disease in three months.

“He is being taken care of,” said prison spokesman Lars Winberg to Dagens Nyheter, “and the illness is curable.”