Students guilty of molesting teacher

Two 18 year old students have been found guilty of molesting their female teacher, after one of the boys took photographs of his friend's penis with the camera on her mobile phone.

Bollnäs district court agreed with the boys’ defence that it was just a joke and found them not guilty of the more serious crime of sexual molestation.

At the beginning of the summer the boys borrowed the teacher’s phone during a lesson. They apparently took it to the toilet, where one boy snapped his chum’s manhood.

“It felt like unbelievable harassment,” said the teacher.

“It was a disgusting picture.”

One pillar in her harassment claim was apparently the effects if her husband or children had got hold of her phone.

The court agreed that the pictures constituted “serious harassment” and that the boys demonstrated “a not inconsiderable lack of respect.”

However, the boys expressed remorse throughout the trial and claimed that they had never meant to upset their teacher, who, they said, they both valued.

Since there was no evidence that the incident had “stimulated or satisfied the perpetrator’s sexuality” the charges were reduced to molestation and the boys were ordered to pay 5,000 kronor in compensation to the teacher.

Earlier in the week a 19 year old student from the same school was also found not guilty of sexual harassment. He had been accused of “rubbing his backside against a female teacher’s backside”.

All three students, who are training to be teachers, have been suspended from lessons until the end of September, when they will attend “a programme” about harassment.

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Expressen