Man from Sweden in West Bank protest

A Danish man living in Sweden is reported to have joined protestors in the West Bank settlement of Sa-Nur, one of four Jewish communities in the area scheduled for evacuation.

Nils Peter Hansen, who according to Israel’s Ynet news lives in central Sweden and is a pilot, arrived in Sa-Nur a few days ago after being refused entry to Gaza.

Hansen claims that he is helping the settlers because of his Christian belief, and says he was shocked that Jews were being expelled.

“We’ve seen expulsion of Jews before, and we know how it ended,” he said.

“My wife told me, you need to travel to the Holy Land. Jews are being expelled and we need to do something.”

Settlers in Sa-Nur are being moved as part of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s pullout plan. The Israeli government plans to maintain some Israeli settlements in the West Bank, but four smaller communities – of which Sa-Nur is one – are set to be evacuated once the Gaza pullout is completed.

Ynet news reported that Sa-Nur settlers were hoping for an “airlift” of more Scandinavian sympathisers, but gave no indication of whether such help was likely to be forthcoming.