Every fourth Swedish woman afraid to go out at night

More than every fourth woman is 'often or sometimes' afraid to go out in the vicinity of her home when it is dark.

Among men the total is just 6%.

The question of security is almost always absent in the debate about housing policies, wrote Hans Tilly, the chairman of builders’ union Byggnads, and Carina Ohlsson, the chairman of a women’s advice bureau, in an opinion piece in Svenska Dagbladet.

The were presenting research from Sifo which shows that many, primarily women, are afraid to go out in the evenings.

Most afraid to be seen outside in the area of their home are members of the blue-collar union organisation LO living in big towns. 32% said they were ‘often or sometimes’ afraid to go out at night.

The comparable figure for white-collar workers is 13%.

Tilly and Ohlsson argue that security is therefore not just a gender issue but also a class issue. They recommended that the government begins to repair run down areas to increase security.

TT/The Local