81 year old stabs wife to death

An 81 year old man stabbed his 84 year old wife to death in their flat in Sundsvall on Tuesday.

“The man was arrested in the apartment and immediately admitted killing her,” said police spokesman Christer Johansson to TT.

The elderly couple, who had been married for many years, had recently moved into the flat in the residential area of Granloholm. An acquaintance of the pair raised the alarm.

By the time police arrived at the flat the woman was lying dead in bed, with severe wounds.

“She had been stabbed several times in the body. The man who was still in the apartment was arrested and according to the officers who took him he appeared to be somewhat confused,” said Christer Johansson.

The 81 year old did not provide a motive for the incident either at the crime scene or during the interrogation held later in the day in Sundsvall.

TT/The Local