Man held over diplomat attacks

The Swedish security police, Säpo, questioned five people on Tuesday in connection with the investigation into Global Intifada - the extreme left wing group which has claimed responsibility for nine attacks against Swedish and foreign targets in Sweden.

One person has been held by police.

He has been held on reasonable suspicion of arson. His interrogation will continue tomorrow, said prosecutor Ronnie Jakobsson

Jakobsson would not comment on whether the others were under suspicion of any crime.

Säpo spokesman, Jacob Larsson, was similarly cagey and wouldn’t even say whether they were members of the group.

“They have some kind of connection to Global Intifada and have information we want,” he said.

The group’s most recent attack was in March when they firebombed a car belonging to a Russian diplomat. Other targets have been an event for Israeli, Danish and Polish diplomats, two Swedish arms manufacturers and an Israeli travel agency.

According to their statements, Global Intifada is a network of other groups and individuals who are fighting capitalism, imperialism and the prevailing world order. According to a website they believe the ends justify the means and they are prepared to use violence.

“Rather than be passive bystanders, we take the stone in our hand,” they write.

TT/The Local