Digging machine used in armed raid

A cash depot belonging to security company Securitas in Akalla, in north Stockholm, was robbed early on Thursday morning. The armed thieves broke in using a large digging machine and are thought to have escaped with a significant amount of cash.

“These were no amateurs,” said police spokesman Diana Sundin to Svenska Dagbladet.

The depot was said to be well-stocked with money and police suspect that the robbers also used explosives in the raid.

“The staff got themselves to safety further back in the depot when the heavy vehicle smashed in,” said inspector Eva Nilsson at Stockholm police’s central control office.

Securitas staff alerted police at around 4.30am, but by the time officers arrived the robbers had escaped

Soon afterwards the escape car was found but it had been set alight. A few kilometres away police found another car which was also on fire. How the thieves escaped from there is unclear.

There were around ten Securitas guards in the depot at the time of the attack. They reported seeing at least two robbers who were wielding automatic weapons.

“None of the guards were physically injured but they’re obviously shocked since their whole workplace has been smashed up,” said Diana Sundin.

The staff have been taken to another location and are reportedly “being taken care of by a crisis group”.

As the robbers made their getaway they spread dozens of small “Spanish riders” – metal spikes – in the road behind them to stop pursuers. Police say that many rush hour motorists had their tyres punctured as a result, despite ongoing attempts to clear them away.

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet, TT