SCA to scrap 400 Swedish jobs

Forestry company SCA has decided to implement a sweeping cost-cutting programme which will result in the loss of 3,600 jobs. The package of cuts is expected to lead to annual savings of around 1.6 billion kronor.

Around 400 SCA employees in Sweden will be made redundant, said managing director Jan Åström to TT.

“The largest cutbacks in staff will be in the UK and Holland. A large paper factory in Djursland in Denmark will also be shut down.”

It is not clear yet how many jobs will be lost in other countries but SCA said that it wanted to confirm the losses in Sweden “because it is a Swedish company”.

The cost of pushing through the savings are reckoned to be around 2.6 billion kronor and the measures will be implemented before the first quarter of 2007, wrote SCA in a press release.

Negotiations are ongoing with unions across Europe, which is expected to bear the brunt of 75% of the job cuts.

TT/The Local