Swedish king crashes car

King Carl Gustaf, who is known to love fast cars, has crashed his new BMW. No one was hurt in the Thursday morning wreck just north of Norrköping.

“The king was driving and had an assistant in the car,” confirmed royal spokesman Ann-Christine Jernberg.

“It was at a roundabout just outside of Norrköping. The driver in front apparently had to brake quickly for a cyclist and then the king’s BMW hit the other car’s back bumper,” she explained.

Both cars sustained damage but police say that neither driver was seriously injured. Jernberg said that the King seems to be OK:

“I don’t have a report on his specific state but clearly it’s an unhappy situation when this happens,” she said.

The king continued to Stockholm with security staff while police handled the cleanup after the crash. He is scheduled to hand out the Stockholm Water Prize later today and his press officer said he intends to keep to the plan.

Police spokesman Tomas Norin says the accident will be investigated like any other.

“We’ll find out what was happening and if any driver was careless. If everything seems to be in order, we’ll turn this over to the insurance companies to handle,” he said.

The king’s rare BMW M3 CSL, said to be worth around 800,000 kronor, was delivered to Solliden castle little more than a month ago. There are only 1,500 such cars in the world.

Sources: Expressen, Aftonbladet

Photo on previous page: Olof Holdar/Stockholm Visitors Board/imagebank.sweden.se