81 year old Swede kills eagle with bare hands

A bear hunt ended most unexpectedly for 81 year old Örjan Bromée, as he was forced to kill a golden eagle with his bare hands.

Bromée was out hunting with his dogs near his home in Klövsjö when the giant bird suddenly attacked him.

The eagle flew straight at him with its sharp claws directed at his head. But just as it was about to hit him, Bromée stuck up his hands, which were protected by gloves, and grabbed hold of the eagle’s leg.

“It was lucky that I was prepared. I got a good grip and dragged it down to the ground,” the 81 year old told Östersunds-Posten.

“The eagle was so badly injured as Bromée brought it down that it died. Whether or not it had been injured before the elderly hunter got his hands on it is still unclear.

“It died suddenly as I dragged it down to the ground. It’s possible that there was something wrong with it,” he admitted modestly.

Since the golden eagle is a protected species, Örjan Bromée rang the police. Officers from the station in Hede took the bird away – and confirmed that its wingspan was an impressive 180 centimetres.

TT/The Local