Fire destroys Astrid Lindgren attraction

Two of Vimmerby's most popular tourist attractions burned down in the small hours of Friday morning: Emil i Lönneberga's carpenter shed in "Katthult" and Ösjöfors paper factory.

Rescue services leader Tommy Lindström said he is concerned that there is a link between the two fires.

“I can’t see any natural explanation as to why two such famous tourist attractions in one area should catch fire within such a short space of time,” he said.

The fire services were called to Ösjöfors at 2.45am. When the first fire engine from Rumskulla station reached the paper factory it was already consumed by flames and impossible to save.

The wooden two-storey building burned down to the ground.

While the rescue work was ongoing, there was an alarm from the Gibberyd estate in Rumskulla, “Katthult”, where Astrid Lindgren’s popular children’s book Emil i Lönneberga was filmed at the beginning of the 1970s.

“Part of the rescue team were sent there from Ösjöfors,” said Tommy Lindström.

“But we couldn’t save either the carpenter shed or the nearby outhouse. The main building and the barn were not in danger.”

Ösjöfors handmade paper factory was Sweden’s oldest remaining paper factory.

TT/The Local