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Snus-makers forced to list ingredients

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Makers of snus, the oral snuff used by one in ten Swedes, are to be forced to list their products’ ingredients on packaging from November.

Until now, snus-makers have been exempted from listing ingredients, despite the fact that snus is classed a grocery and is therefore regulated by Swedish laws on food labelling.

The exemption granted to the snus industry in 1972 runs out on 25th November, and from then on the law will be applied strictly, according to Svenska Dagbladet.

All ingredients, including those that cause allergies, will have to be declared. Swedish Match, the largest snus manufacturer, already lists ingredients on its products but does not declare the amount of nicotine or nitrosamin.

Nicotine is addictive and can affect the cardio-vascular system. Nitrosamin can cause cancer.

Swedish Match’s scientific advisor, Inger Wahlberg, says that the company has nothing against detailing nicotine and nitrosamin content on its products. The same response was forthcoming from Lars Hansson at Fielder & Lundgren, which makes the Granit and Adam Gillberg brands.

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