Household confidence rises

Swedish industry has become more competitive. Companies are more satisfied with future orders as well as stock levels. But employment is expected to continue its decline.

Such are the findings from the National Institute of Economic Research, which released its latest monthly analysis on Wednesday.

As far as manufacturing is concerned, the seasonally-adjusted confidence indicator – which takes into account companies’ current orders and future expectations – rose to -6 in August from -12 in July.

But the construction industry’s confidence indicator fell from 21 to 4.

At the same time the Institute’s monthly research into household spending plans shows that Swedes in general have become more optimistic about the country’s economic situation.

The household confidence indicator rose in August to 14.2 from 8.2 – the highest it has been all year.

There was an increased expectation of inflation, with households anticipating a level of 1.9%.

TT/The Local