Ryanair threatens Skavsta growth

Low fares airline Ryanair has threatened to stop its planned expansion at Stockholm's Skavsta airport, arguing that a new "safety charge" is too high.

“It won’t be possible to continue our expansion at Skavsta when the new safety charge accounts for a fifth of our average net price,” said Karl Högstadius, head of Ryanair’s Nordic and Baltic operations.

The company had planned to base a further two planes at the airport, increasing traffic by 50% over the next eight months.

Högstadius told Svenska Dagbladet that the charge was “completely idiotic” and would hit Swedish tourism.

“Obviously we must be compensated, otherwise there will be no new planes at Skavsta,” he said.

But TBI, the company which owns Skavsta, declared itself surprised by Ryanair’s stance on the charge.

“We’ve been talking about these new planes for a long time now, and also more planes in the future,” said Dot Gade Kulovuori, the head of Skavsta airport.

“If Ryanair demands full compensation from us for the safety charge, then it’s not going to happen.”

Sources: Svenska Dagbladet