Owner recovers ?stolen? house

A man in Uppsala has had his summerhouse returned to him, after he reported it missing to the police on Saturday.

Håkan Sundström’s five by six metre prefabricated wooden cottage had been standing on a trailer near the location, in Librobäck, near Uppsala, where Sundström planned to site it.

After news of the disappearing house appeared in local media, an acquaintance of Sundström’s contacted him to say that he had taken the building. He had hired a truck to transport it to a location 30 kilometres from where it disappeared, without realising who it belonged to.

“He can hardly have believed it was his, so that’s a pretty lousy excuse,” Sundström told Svenska Dagbladet.

Uppsala police say they are no longer treating the incident as theft.

“It’s probably all just a misunderstanding,” Kenneth Sundin, duty commander at Uppsala police, told Uppsala Nya Tidning.

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Photo: Göran Assner. Copyright: Swedish Travel & Tourism Council. Source: imagebank.sweden.se