Six people were arrested for Lindh murder

A total of six people were held suspected of murdering Anna Lindh, Sweden’s foreign minister, in the week following her death.

The revelation comes in a new book, by Stockholm police chief Leif Jennekvist, to be published in November, Dagens Nyheter has revealed.

Up to now, only two arrests had been publically revealed – one of a 35-year old man and the other of Mijailo Mijailovic.

Jennekvist, who led the investigation, has now said that a further four men were arrested, on the same grade of suspicion as Mijailovic.

One of the men was from Vetlanda in southern Sweden, the others from the Stockholm area. The men were described as drop-outs and criminals between 25 and 40, some of whom had previous convictions for violent crime. One of them was linked through his mobile phone to the area around the NK department store, where Lindh was stabbed.

“It was a combination of police intelligence and witness statements that led to us bringing them in as suspects,” Jennekvist told DN.

The men were held for several hours, but were later eliminated from the investigation.

Anna Lindh was murdered in September 2003 whilst out shopping with a friend. Mijailo Mijailovic was convicted of her murder in March 2004.

TT/The Local