Longer parental leave proposed

Parents should be able to take out fifteen months parental leave, of which five months should be reserved for each parent.

This is the proposal from the Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson, who has carried out a government inquiry into the issue, and who presented his findings on Thursday.

In addition, he suggests that mothers should get 30 days paid leave before they are expected to give birth, and that both parents should be able to take 30 days off after their child is born.

“I am very pleased with the proposals that I have put forward,” said Thorwaldsson.

“Taken as a whole, they place a great emphasis on what is best for the child, as well as giving an incentive for both the mother and the father to take sufficient time off to develop close contact with their child.”

At the moment, parents get paid benefits for thirteen months of parental leave. Two of these months are reserved for the mother, and two for the father. In addition, parents can take out a further 90 days leave paid at 60 kronor per day.

TT/The Local

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