20 witches wanted in southern Sweden

Looking for work as a witch? Now's your chance.

A company called Häxriket (“Witches’ Realm”) based in Åhus is looking for ten witches in Kristianstad and another ten in Hässleholm. And they’re recruiting through the Swedish Employment Office.

Specifically, Häxriket is looking for jobseekers with the ability to see into the future. Applicants should also be able to tell people’s fortunes.

When the newspaper Norra Skåne tried to call the company there was no reply. People interested in the positions were requested to leave their number and someone from Häxriket would call them back.

In the job ad, the company stated that “we are a young company with ancient wisdom. Customers turn to us with big or small problems. Customers are helped through tarot, runes, crystals, dreams and meditation.”

The successful applicants will work by telephone from home and bill earn 210 kronor per hour of calls.

Calls to the Skåne Witchline cost 19:90 kronor per minute.

TT/The Local

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