Gotland goes digital

At 9.45am on Monday, all channels except SVT1 vanished from televisions on the island of Gotland as the analogue network was switched off. Throughout the day, viewers installed their new digital boxes and at 6pm digital transmission began.

After the switch, all households which have a normal antenna reset their boxes to tune into the new digital frequencies and since then, the island is digital – almost. As a security measure, SVT1 will continue its analogue broadcasting on the island for another two weeks.

The state owned TV and radio operator, Teracom, is installing new equipment at its transmission station in Follingbo in order to move SVT’s digital offering to another frequency.

“It’s like advanced technical plumbing,” explained Teracom’s head of information, Lennart Ivarsson.

He was unable to say how many households on Gotland are now equipped with a digital box and were able to start viewing again on Monday evening.

“But we would have preferred it if they had bought their boxes earlier,” said Ivarsson.

The whole of Sweden will have switched from analogue to digital by February 2008. Next up is Gävle on October 10th and Motala on November 21st.

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