HM ditches Kate Moss

Swedish clothing retailer Hennes and Mauritz has decided not to use Kate Moss in its forthcoming advertising campaign, after photographs of the supermodel snorting cocaine appeared in the British press last week.

“After having considered the situation, we have decided to cancel the planned campaign,” said Liv Asarnoj, press officer at HM.

“It is not compatible with our clear opposition to drugs,” she told Expressen.

Moss was due to model a range of clothes designed by Stella McCartney in preparation for the collection’s launch in November. But images of her, taken in a London recording studio, dividing a pile of cocaine before snorting line after line of the drug through a rolled five pound note put the company off.

HM says it will go ahead with the advertising campaign but will replace Moss with another model.

“I can’t say how the new campaign will be at the moment – I don’t want to go into details,” said Liv Asarnoj.

Fashion and drugs? Who would have thought it? Discuss!