Royal wedding rumours scotched again

The Swedish media is so excited about the prospect of a royal wedding between Crown Princess Victoria and her boyfriend Daniel Westling that the slightest change of activity at the palace leads to a deluge of rumours.

On Thursday it was the news that the palace is recruiting a new head of information. That was interpreted as meaning there is soon to be some important information to impart, and that in turn led to the Expressen headline “Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel to wed”.

Speaking to Expressen, the current information officer, Ann-Christine Jernberg hardly clarified matters.

In response to a question about whether the recruitment process was part of preparations for a wedding, Jernberg said, “One could naturally see it that way”.

The rumours were confirmed – for the tabloid, at least – by a ‘source’ close to the royal family:

“Yes, there will be a wedding next summer. If nothing unforeseen happens.”

While Expressen went on to speculate on which royals and celebrities will be in attendance, Dagens Nyheter took a somewhat different view.

“I have not had any information at all that any wedding is to be held,” said a certain Ann-Christine Jernberg.

She said that the recruitment of a new head of information, far from being in preparation for anything exciting, was simply because the press office has been understaffed since last autumn, when Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg left to become the Crown Princess’s advisor.

She added that if and when a royal wedding is in the offing, it will be declared through formal channels.

“There will be an announcement from the palace. The routine has not changed since the king and queen married,” she said.

Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg joined in the fire-fighting from China, where she is on a tour with Victoria.

“I have no indications that an engagement is imminent,” she told Svenska Dagbladet.

“The Crown Princess says that the day it is imminent, she will announce it herself.”

Oooh, not a royal wedding! Discuss!

Sources: Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Expressen