Ikea and Eriksson top graduates’ target list

Young Swedes still favour the big companies when it comes to their careers: Ikea, Ericsson, Volvo and Astra Zeneca are at the top of the list of young graduates' favourite employers, according to a survey by Universum and the union Jusek.

To find a job with tasks which are increasingly challenging is the most important career goal among young graduates, regardless of their degree.

When they are choosing employers, good management in which they are confident is absolutely the most important factor. They also want an employer which has been shown to have good ethics and high morals.

“This year’s research shows a turning point,” said Anna Dyhre at Universum.

“The soft values have now really broken through among young graduates. Employers who want to attract them must show that they have more to offer than a good salary.”

Who’s top of your list? Discuss!

TT/The Local