Singapore to buy Swedish subs

The Singapore navy is to buy two Swedish submarines in a deal thought to be worth around one billion kronor. The vessels were for sale following a decision to cut the number of submarines in the Swedish navy.

Sweden currently operates seven submarines, but according to the latest defence budget that will be cut to four. The two which will be sold off to Singapore are of the Västergötland class.

According to the Blekinge District newspaper, the Swedish naval manufacturer Kockums was given the task of finding a buyer for the submarines.

Jan-Erik Lövgren, a military expert at the Inspectorate of Strategic Products, confirmed to TT that the question of whether or not the two submarines would be sold to Singapore had recently been explored by the agency. He said that Kockum had been given permission to approach Singapore.

“Yes, it’s a green light,” he said.

The Swedish navy uses two classes of submarines. The Västergötland class is an older type, and there are currently two in use and a further two based in Karlskrona. In addition, there are three submarines in the Gotland class, one of which is on loan to the United States for a year.

Singapore has previously bought four Swedish submarines in the Sjöormen class. That deal included training crew members, and this time a number of Singaporean officers are expected to undergo four years’ training at Karlskrona.

TT/The Local