Three found after mountain plane crash

Three men were found alive late on Sunday after their light aircraft crashed in a rugged part of north-west Dalarna. Rescuers searched for four hours before they discovered the men.

The pilot was the worst injured, and was found trapped in the plane with injuries to his chest. Another man had a broken arm while the third avoided serious injury.

Emergency services were alerted to the accident just after 5pm. The small private plane from Idre had crashed into a rock face and come to a rest on a slope around 25km north west of Älvdalen but the search was hampered by poor visibility.

At around 8pm an army helicopter from Sundsvall was brought into the search. But despite the fact that the men were able to confirm by mobile phone that they could hear the helicopter and see the searchlight, the rescue team was still unable to spot them.

Half an hour later the helicopter crew were able to take a bearing on the men’s location but it was unable to land due to the rough terrain. A 17-strong team consisting of medical personnel, police officers, firemen and local hunters made for the crash area on foot.

“It’s right up there in the clouds, in rough forest and very steep,” said Lars-Olof Jöckert of the air rescue services.

The three men were eventually found at 9.10pm and given first aid at the scene. All three men were taken to Mora hospital.

TT/The Local