Violent threats against police increasing

More than one in three police officers have been threatened with violence in the last three months, according to research by Statistics Sweden for the Swedish Police Union.

But despite the significant increase in threats of violence targeted at specific officers, many police authorities lack any procedures for dealing with the issue, reported Swedish Radio’s Ekot programme.

In response, the national police service has implemented a nationwide programme to help protect officers.

“This is not like it was before, where someone shouts out a threat when they’re drunk – that’s part and parcel of police work,” said the head of analysis at the national police service, Thord Modin.

“Today they know where the police officers live, and in house raids we’ve found photos of officers that they’ve taken. It’s more targeted and is designed to interfere with the justice system,” Modin told Ekot.

The measures currently under consideration range from a proposal for a special national coordinator to specific methods of personal protection.

“The person who is based in the national unit should work together with the various police authorities and should be able to provide assistance when needed,” said Thord Modin.

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Sources: SR