Telia Sonera facing 100m kronor fine

In February, PTS, the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency, ruled that Telia Sonera was obliged to supply broadband services to their wholesalers without demanding that the end customer has a fixed phone line.

The objective was to open up the market for competitors offering IP Telephony as an alternative to traditional fix telephony – and the company faced the threat of a 100 million kronor fine if it did not comply.

Telia Sonera has said to PTS that from the end of September suppliers will be able to offer their own customers ADSL without the telephone subscription.

But in a press statement, PTS said that it did not consider that Telia Sonera’s offer went far enough and that the company would be liable to pay the fine if it did not meet the initial demands within four weeks.

TT/Love Liman