Zozo to be Sweden’s Oscar contribution

Zozo, directed by Josef Fares, has been selected to be the Swedish Oscar contribution for best foreign language film category of 2005. The five nominations for this category from will be decided on January 31, 2006 ahead of the Oscar ceremony on March 5th, 2006.

Zozo premiered in Sweden on September 2 and has been seen by over 150,000 spectators since then. It was also selected for the Montreal and Helsinki film festivals.

The story set in 1987 is about a young boy from Lebanon, Zozo, excellently portrayed by Imad Creidi, forced to move to Sweden from his war torn country. Shortly before his departure, his home is destroyed along with his family, just as they are preparing to immigrate to Sweden.

The Swedish director, who is of Lebanese descent, also wrote the screenplay to Zozo, and is the youngest person ever to be admitted to the state film school in Sweden.

In Zozo Fares takes a new direction from his two previous films Jalla! Jalla! about cross border hilarity between Lebanese and ethnic Swedes and Kopps about the inept country bumpkin Swedish police, both of which were box office successes.

Not that Fares latest film is without comic touches, Zozo clearly is culled from some of the life experience of the young Fares himself.

Zozo is produced by Memfis and stars Imad Creidi, Antoinette Turk, Elias Gergi, Carmen Lebbos and Viktor Axelsson.

Moira Sullivan

Moira Sullivan is a member of the Swedish Film Critics Association