Court allows Scottish whisky as Swedish girl’s name

A Swedish couple have won the right after a court battle to name their daughter Edradour, after a Scottish whisky brand, media reported on Friday.

Initially the tax office, which in Sweden registers the names for newborns, refused the name, saying it was too closely linked to an alcoholic drink.

But the girl’s parents, Magnus and Maria Eklöf, persisted, taking the case to court in their home town of Söderhamn, on the east coast of Sweden.

The Eklöfs argued that Edradour is also a beautiful town in Scotland, and said they had been charmed by the place as well as the local tipple.

“I’m interested in whisky, but this is more about the place,” Magnus Eklöf told the Hälsinge-Kurir daily.

The Edradour distillery claims to be the smallest in Scotland, producing a Highland single malt whisky with the efforts of just three men.

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