Transport strike “very likely” on Monday

According to the Swedish Union of Service and Communication Employees (Seko) it is now "very likely" that public transport will be disrupted by wildcat strikes on Monday.

The industrial action is a demonstration of support for Per Johansson, the chairman of the Connex chapter of Seko, who was fired by the transport company on Thursday.

“Name lists are being collected, not only from the underground staff but also from the bus staff,” said the union chapter´s vice chairman Jannis Konstantis.

“There are a lot of rumours going around about many different things. Mass sickleave is one possibility which has been mentioned. These initiatives are all private and not sanctioned by the chapter,” he added.

But according to Konstantis, the possibility of action is “understandable”.

“It wouldn´t be good. But at the same time we can understand how the drivers think and feel. It´ll be difficult between us and Connex now.”

Per Johansson was fired on Thursday after having been disloyal to the company and insulting colleagues – according to Connex. He says that the company was trying to frighten the union into silence.

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TT/The Local