Mass brawl destroys Värnamo dance restaurant

A massive brawl broke out last night in the dance restaurant Nöjesmagasinet in Värnamo. About ten people were fighting outside and the situation inside the place, which had around 500 customers, was described by the police as chaotic.

“People were fighting with chairs as weapons, tables were destroyed, windows smashed and bouncers beaten up. One bouncer was all cut up after having a bottle smashed on his head,” said Mikael Ehne, duty officer at Jönköping police, to TT.

The police were alerted at 11.30pm by the bouncers in the restaurant who said that they were no longer able to handle the situation on their own. A number of police patrols were called to the scene and even the police in neighbouring Kronoberg district were brought in.

“We did as much as we thought necessary and it worked. Two people were taken into custody and when the others saw that we had the resources the fight gradually stopped,” said Mikael Ehne.

What started the fight is not yet clear, but a number of people have been arrested for violence-related offences.

According to Mikael Ehne more people will certainly be arrested when the whole picture is clear. Police said it was a private party which got out of control.