Right to kill dangerous animals to be extended

Swedes could soon be allowed to kill dangerous animals which stray into built-up areas, if it is likely that they will attack household animals and cannot be scared away.

The Minister for Agriculture, Ann-Christin Nykvist, presented a proposal for a change to the law on Tuesday. The ideas will be circulated to MPs before the government makes a final decision on the matter.

“For me this decision is important in order to give confidence in the policies surrounding dangerous animals, while at the same time giving a legally secure system in situations where it is necessary to shoot an animal,” said the minister in a press release.

The decision comes two days after two or three wolves attacked and killed a dog in a competition in Värmland.

“It just took a few seconds,” said the dog’s owner, Veronica Göransson, to local paper Värmlands Folkblad.

“The reason we had the competition here was that the district council’s wolf trackers said that there weren’t any wolves in the area,” she added.

But Gunnar Glöersen, a council officer, told the paper that there could never be any guarantees.

“In Värmland there can be wolves anywhere,” he said.

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