Left Party seizes the Feminist Initiative

The ailing Left Party has proposed a series of equality-related initiatives in an attempt to prise the issue the from the hands of the Feminist Initiative.

The party is suggesting the establishment of a Ministry for Equality and a state agency to oversee equality issues. The Left Party is also demanding that all organisations which receive state funding have a “gender power perspective” regarding distribution.

But those policies will seem strangely familiar to the Feminist Initiative – which recently proposed a Minister for Equality with his or her own department, a subordinate agency and a parliamentary equality committee.

The Left Party did not go so far as to demand the parliamentary group but said it wanted to see an “equality audit” of parliamentary affairs.

However, the party proposed a “national cost calculation” of men’s violence against women, as well as a treatment programme to encourage men to take responsibility for their violence.

The “gender perspective” requirements placed on organisations and associations depending upon state financing would mean that any money received and work carried out would have to be divided equally between men and women.

The Left Party also said it wants a survey of the real value of Sweden’s pornography market, and the link between pornography and sexualised violence against women. Limiting the spread of pornography was also included in the proposals.

Just like the Feminist Initiative – which is led by the former leader of the Left Party, Gudrun Schyman – the Left Party said it wants gender-neutral partnership legislation and a change to the name law to make the choice of name independent of sex.

Listed and state-owned companies should have boards where neither sex accounts for less than 40% of the members. And female innovators and entrepreneurs should be given the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

Who is best for equality in Sweden? Discuss!

TT/The Local