Dead goose gets its revenge

Linköping man Ulf Ilbäck was knocked unconscious on a shooting trip –after being hit by a goose that his son had shot.

The pair were standing a few metres apart next to a creek in Östergötland when Ilbäck’s son, Carl Johan, shot the Canada Goose.

“I suddenly saw something coming towards me out of the corner of my eye, and only had time to turn my head before it hit me in on the neck. Then everything went black.”

“It wanted to take its revenge, I suppose,” said Ilbäck to local paper Extra Östergötland.

Ilbäck added that he feels lucky – if the goose had hit him from a different angle, it could have broken his neck.

The injured Ilbäck was in bed for two days following the accident, but says he hasn’t been put off shooting.

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